Mexico Bella Vista Women's Group Specialty Coffee


Mexico Bella Vista Women's Group Specialty Coffee


(8 oz)

variety: Bourbon, Catimor, Caturra, Marigogipe, Mundo Novo

origin: La Rinconada, El Progreso, Unión progreso and Barrio Montaña communities, Bella Vista, Chiapas, Mexico

Grower: 42 women smallholder coffee producers

Elevation: 1550-1650 masl

Processing: Fully washed after pulping, fermenting, then dried in the sun.

drying method: Raised Bed Sun Dried

tasting notes: Black Spice / Tea / Peach

It’s a pretty dramatic understatement to say that we are thrilled to have coffee from Rosalba Cifuentes’ projects in Bella Vista back in stock. We’re pretty sure we’re not the only ones who feel this way, too.

This year we’ve selected coffee from a group of women farmers in and around the municipality of Bella Vista in the state of Chiapas. This is the very first year of this project, which Rosalba has organized. She told us that “unfortunately, in the area… machismo predominates, so the producers are isolated… Taking this as a starting point, we want to try to improve the image of the producers by creating this group in order to promote their work.” Plans for the future include improving the price paid directly to the producers, many of whom are supporting their family primarily through coffee production. Most of the women are growing coffee on plot sizes of 4 hectares or less.

Beyond its humanitarian impact, the coffee is also of exceptional quality. Chocolate mousse and maple lay a backdrop on which peach and plum notes dance and jasmine-like notes lilt. It’s so enjoyable, and available for a limited time in 68kg bags and 10kg Crown Jewel boxes.

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